In this customary project delivery method, there are two totally separate contracts for design and construction. The owner contracts with the architect for the project design and plans while a separate contract is written for construction with Keller-Martin. The project is bid based on the plans and the job is awarded under a lump sum contract. This type of delivery method is best for uncomplicated construction projects that are clearly defined by plans; however, it does not allow for the contractor to provide input during the design phase and is not the quickest delivery method. As General Contractor, Keller-Martin draws upon years of commercial construction experience to execute a quality project per the architects plan and vision.


As in the General Contractor method, the Construction Manager at Risk method also has the owner utilize separate contracts for design and construction. During the design phase, Keller-Martin consults with the owner and the architectural team to offer its expertise and innovation during constructability reviews and value engineering. Being a part of the team at this crucial stage allows us to help owners add value, construct a more effective product, and potentially avoid costly alterations and scheduling delays later in the process. These projects frequently have a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).


Design Build is a project delivery method in which the owner utilizes one contract with Keller-Martin to provide both design and construction. This gives our team full responsibility for the entire project which enables us to streamline the process and minimize potential conflicts since there is only one point of responsibility. Design Build is the quickest of the project delivery methods and ultimately results in less risk for the owner.